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Anecdotal Evidences:

These are testimonials or anecdotal evidences from people that have experienced benefits. These results are under no circumstances indicative or typical of the benefits and results another individual may experience in receiveing NIS.

Please note that experiences may differ from person to person.


We are pleased to announce the birth of Panagiotis on the 30.12.09, 4.15 kg and 54 cm.
Both mum and baby are well. Mum was informed that there would be absolutely no way she could fall pregnant "naturally" and then considered as a high risk pregnancy due to her age (38 years old).
Panagiotis is a real miracle to modern medicine standards or simply the expression of Mother Nature at its best when allowed to function without any improper interference.
Panagiotis enjoyed his first NIS treatment at 9 days old.

Panagiotis W., newly born, Springwood


All of my life I have suffered from excruciating period pain. Doctors have always associated it with endometriosis. The pain is usually that bad that I faint from it. It always occurs at the same time (in the middle of the night and always the night just before my period starts). My husband has become immune to it and knows the drill when he hears me yell out from the bathroom in the middle of the night just prior to passing out. He calmly gets me back into bed, heats up my wheat pillow, gets me my painkillers and then strokes my head until I fall back asleep. I call them 'my episodes' and I have missed many days of work after one of these 'episodes' due to sheer exhaustion. I have now been doing NIS treatment for 4 weeks, I can happily say that I have had my first 'normal' period with hardly any pain, that is, no painkillers needed and most importantly no fainting!

Brigitte T., 40 years old, Tallebudgera


We have had a number of issues with Thomas over the past few years including poor socialisation, language delays, poor concentration, anxiety and some obsessive and ‘odd’ behaviours.  Whilst we had made progress using Naturopathic treatments we had come to a standstill and noticed Thomas was regressing and he was beginning to struggle at preschool.  This was raised with concern by his teachers.

After your initial appointment with Thomas we not only found your diagnostic comments accurate (supported by physical tests we have done previously) but the results of your treatment, very positive.  Thomas has now seen you twice and we have seen improvements in his concentration i.e. he started doing puzzles, drawings, writing etc where he was not able to sit and do this for some time.  His eye contact has improved, his understanding (language) has improved and he is a lot happier within himself.  Most importantly he is a lot more settled in his preschool environment and the teachers have also made comment regarding this.  He is beginning to read and is successfully transitioning to full days.  

We are all quite excited to say the least!  Each day we are seeing positive changes and look forward to your ongoing support with our son and for the rest of our family.
Thomas F., 5 years old, Burleigh


I suffered with severe eczema... 3 years ago… I was diagnosed with very high blood pressure, 90/180. The eczema blistered my hands… this injury is not only painful but also debilitating. High blood pressure fuelled by high stress conditions caused me to suffer with chronic migraines. Giving me poor concentration, lack of motivation and high temper…
Doctors told me high blood pressure was hereditary and would need constant monitoring and daily tablets
… about my eczema, I was given ointments and steroid creams… I stopped using the cream they would reappear and takeover once again…
Eight months ago I consulted Didier about my issues with a lot of scepticism. From the first consultation my rashes slowed dramatically and by the three month point they had completely vanished. My migraines reduced also, becoming as rare as once a month… My concentration and motor skills have improved… I feel a lot more focused and was able to stop taking the tablets prescribed to me for the rest of my life.

Nathan C., 23 years old, Robina


I was suffering from dermatitis for 5 years. I was on prescribed cortisone cream but it could no longer contain the irritation and physical evidence of the symptoms (spots on the face, neck, ears, fingers and hands).

After the first treatment with Didier, in less than 3 days it all fully disappeared... my sleeping problems were improving very quickly. I started to be able to think clearer and concentrate better. I was able to start to make important changes in my life style and behaviour that could have been extremely dangerous to my health (involving chemical substances). I am now far more controlled and decisive in my choices, as well as gained the confidence to express myself.

I am now receiving routine treatments from Didier to ensure my general health is maintained to a high level. I trust Neurolink NIS to keep me as healthy as possible and I have no hesitation to recommend Didier’s services to anyone who suffers from any health problems.

Thank you Didier, for your help and results.
James S., 22 years old, Southport


… in the last few years my focus has been on settling in Northern NSW…caring for two family members who have been battling cancer… I felt burned out and very symptomatic – the worst I have felt since being scalded as a baby. I am very wary of going to “healers” for treatment... It’s a two hour drive for me to see Didier... My son and I both came for treatments and we both had an extremely positive response. My session with Didier was relaxing, insightful and surprisingly healing… one of my biggest energy obstacles was created when I was badly scalded at age 14months… Before Reiki, any modality that I tried to get healing from just didn't’t work... I was pleasantly surprised to see how Didier worked with Neurolink NIS to help me further work on this obstacle… Both the obvious and subtle changes I have made since that treatment have astounded me.  I feel a sense of groundedness, enthusiasm and direction that I haven’t felt since leaving Sydney 10 years ago and I have more energy than I’ve had in years.  I feel that the amnesia I developed with the trauma of being scalded – “the door” - has finally healed.
Liora C., 54 years old, Lismore NSW 


I have been a client of Didier’s since January 2006. Initially my visits were every 2-3 weeks as I suffered severe migraines. I also had a problem with reflux and very low energy levels. I was taking tablets daily for my stomach and also for the past twelve year’s daily tablets to reduce my migraines. Since beginning my treatments with Didier I have stopped taking the tablets for my stomach completely, reduced my migraine tablets substantially.
And now my visits are 3-4 monthly. It is really wonderful. I have never felt so good. I would highly recommend Didier for his professionalism and wonderful Neurolink techniques.

Chris B., 51 years old, Gold Coast


I was on the verge of burn out, highly stressed unable to concentrate, very nervy, brainfog and regular severe migraines headaches. I felt I could never return to work. After my first visit to Didier I noticed a difference, I could relax and sleep. After a few visits i now rarely get migraine, i am able to concentrate, remember & learn. I am able to stand up for myself. I am back at work and am enjoying it.
Hannah H., 58 years old, Brisbane


I was suffering from sever panic attacks on weekly basis, feeling down all the time and providing limited support to my family. When I went for a break on the Gold Coast I had a treatment with Didier. It was only after 6 months I realised the amazing effects this singular treatment had on me. Within these six months, I only suffered one minor attack which was over within 1/2 hour, and it actually made me realised how well I have been feeling until then. Every time my husband or I are flying to the Gold Coast, we now make sure to get a NIS treatment from Didier.
Doreen P., 49 years old, Bringelly NSW


I have been suffering for a few years with vertigo. After 3-4 treatments… I am free of it now. I am now handling much better stressful situations, as I am able to think more positively and I am not being stressed out as easily. I used to have a lot of pain in my back caused by end of nerves inflammation. This pain is not happening as often as it used to. I am not as tired as I used to be too, I still have a rest in the afternoon (I am 76 Years old), but it is much shorter.
I am feeling happier as I do not have any more constant pain in my back.
I believe that Neurolink NIS has helped me improving my health as it reduced my blood pressure situation, as well as improved my cholesterol levels.

Lotte k., 76 years old, Labrador

I am now 81 years old and recently after resuming weekly treatments with Didier my lower back pain that I was continuously experiencing, disappeared just before Christmas '10. My last treatment in March '11 my blood pressure was 65/120 with my resting pulse at 57.

Once again thank you Didier.

Lotte k., 76 years old, Labrador


(9/02/10) I am writing to thank you for your treatment of my husband Glen who, in just 4 treatments, has recovered from what was a terrible ordeal for him over the past 2 years, much worse over the past 6 months… some say it was chronic fatigue. He is now able to put in a full days work and has lost 11kgs so far which we are both so pleased about.
(13/02/10) I’m afraid I may have short changed you with the praise in my previous email. Glen is just so amazingly energetic, in that he can work all day and not even think of an afternoon “nanna nap”. He has been up and down ladders doing roof work on the house, bounding around like a much younger man. He has used his right arm, the one that was giving him so much pain at night, pulling the whippersnapper cord many times (fixing it) which hand’t been started for many years, hammering roofing nails in… the tasks are endless and he’s having no pain what-so-ever. Also, no pain in his legs at all. I am just totally amazed at the transformation in him. He has been ‘religiously’ sticking to his no yeast or mushrooms plan and sipping plenty of water and is now down to 117.9kg!! We are both so grateful to you for the work you have done on him and I must also say that our friends and relatives have noticed how much he has changed… even his doctor who has made a pact with him, to do what you suggested to lose weight.
Thank you so much Didier.

Glen C., 64 years old, Brisbane.


Originally our family was receiving NIS treatments from another practitioner, but as she left for overseas she referred us to Didier.

The whole family has been seeing Didier on a regular basis for over 3 years. My daughter had anaphylactic reactions to peanuts and allergies to nuts, grass, raw eggs and acidic fruits. She was diagnosed with these from 18 months of age. Her allergies increased to the anaphylactic stage after her 4 year immunisations. My eldest son had some speech issues and my youngest son had behaviour and hyperactivity issues.

Over the years we have certainly noticed the changes and improvement with all of these issues in the children.

When our daughter turned 8 she had to be retested for her allergies. Of course being older she was very nervous and apprehensive of this. Didier worked with her emotionally and physically to help her with the re-testing. We slowly exposed her to peanut oil and eventually to peanut butter prior to the testing. When she had the testing done with the Allergy Specialist we were relieved and surprised to see that her allergies had gone.

Nicole F., Cabarita Beach. NSW