Neurolink NIS First and Only Certified Practitioner Academy Member 2 in Queensland.

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Neurolink NIS

Is Neurolink NIS the bridge between Alternative Medicine and Modern Medicine you are looking for?

The information you are about to read is provided to assist you in making an informed decision. The choice is yours to take full responsibility and control of your life.

The realisations of what the human body is and its complex mechanisms have been a source of conflicts, creating great confusion when beliefs, dogmas and perceptions are being continuously used to keep everyone in a state of fear or ignorance.
You really do not have to look far to see these veils in action, they can be observed in entertainment, marketing, media, religion or education just to name of few and of course, even in the health or sickness industries. 
The arguments and the differences in opinions or scientifically proven facts, serve only the purpose of distraction. To disengage and see beyond these ruses give anyone the chance to be back behind the driving forces; only then can the doors to witness wonderful experiences be opened and become reality.

But, when engaged in a narrow-minded system, seeing the greater picture is hard. It can be difficult to extract yourself from these controlling chuckles, despite a multitude of self-help, self-learning and self-development opportunities. The hardest thing to do is to observe someone that does not know and to inform this individual, he/she does not know. For this reason, many of us require external guidance to be freed. One way to objectively establish wether you need assistance, is by truthfully answering this question:  How are things working for You?

Distractions are keeping you one step away from realising what is the primary life’s principle. This principle has been studied for thousand of years and far beyond, it is at the source of life's creation. When recognised, its power is immense and cannot be merely categorised into good or bad, right or wrong, day or night and health or sickness. Throughout History this principle has been presented as the driving force to life, health and happiness. Do you know this principle and do you operate with it on daily basis?

Modern scientific developments, in better acknowledging Quantum Space, allow an increase of awareness into the function of emotions. The cycles of the consciousness’ miracles are accessible to anyone, despite having been kept hidden from individuals satisfied to relinquish their rights to knowledge, remaining guarded as a sacred secret.

If you are currently on the “winning side”, life is great. If you have no pain, you can sleep well and have abundance of energy and life brings you all sorts of amazing experiences, then clearly what you are doing serves you as it should. Yet, since we are crossing connections by visiting this website, you may be looking for answers with some challenges you may be currently experiencing.

By looking at potential signalling or thresholds failures, no longer appropriately functioning within our Body-Mind-Spirit connections, you can be supported in tapping into life’s basic principle and provide you with opportunities to access necessary keys for changes.

Neurolink NIS offers a unique care and maintenance system as best described by Dr A Phillips. You are encouraged to peruse the information provided, to find out if Neurolink NIS may be of assistance to you.

Furthermore, at Optimum Health Results, we know that life is the result of subtle interactions, manifested in a variety of experiences. For this reason, during our sessions added protocols, covering these subtleties between our Body-Mind-Spirit, are applied.

Trillion of cells in our body are constantly intelligently cooperating to achieve the magic of life; optimisation of this cooperation can be achieved through many skillfully applied tools. The only requirement is for you to choose to actually have these remarkable tools applied to you, as for the hardest part: the body’s awareness, consciousness or intelligence will do the rest.

You are recommended to allow at least 1h30 minimum for your initial session and on average 1h for any follow-up sessions.

You are strongly encouraged to seek experiencing full life potential; Life is about choices and personal responsibilities that cannot be left in the hands of someone else telling you what to do or not. Question everything: all ideas, concepts and beliefs you are told to be Truth. On regular basis, talks are being held to assist developing awareness. (Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the information about these talks).

As Ages come and go, with the recent shift, it can be difficult to operate in old and out-dated patterns; many are now experiencing terrible times and looking for sustainable solutions. With the right support, you too can aim towards the ultimate goal: “To Experience the Power of the Creative Mind”. If you are trapped in the old paradigm of thinking or behaving and find it difficult to adjust, just think about the dinosaur’s fate during their changing environment. Do you really expect a different outcome for yourself, is your body currently paying the price for these mistakes?

Today, once again the influence of external environments is being better accepted as having an important role in one’s life, giving Béchamp the final say over Pasteur.

More can be said about the importance of the “second brain” or guts, but yet no-one talking about the real driving forces and their influences over your worlds. Are ALL the Five Brains being used at their optimum levels? How does the most powerful organ when combined and in balance with the correct elements, is able to make such great changes. If you are failing to recognise the magic within, how do you expect to have the outside world reflecting the richness of life’s purpose.  
Every human have been given the chance to achieve great work, provided with knowledge, ancient philosophers and scriptures are guiding towards what must be completed, or more recently as described in "The Game Changer" from Dan J.

Acting in honour, with clean hands and without causing harm is the key to accessing information that can change anyone life back into its original purpose. Yet too often ignored, this golden rule, when broken, becomes so damaging it can take a lot of efforts to remedy. Providing a remedy to the real source of a problem is far more beneficial in a long-term perspective than a quick fix band-aid solution. For the individuals whom have already made the efforts to address some past poor choices, they are known as Anecdotal Evidences.

As the human body is a complex moving machine interacting with many other living machines, by receiving and dispatching signals and constantly interpreting information, are you confident that your machine, upon your individual circumstances and environment, is working at its fully optimised levels?
If there is even a slight doubt it is not, then you should take immediate action to have it checked out, by making an appointment.