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42 Reasons WHY


Articles of interest (no endorsement made - Provided As Is):

Flu Drugs May Do More Harm Than Good, Researchers Find (Bloomberg Article PDF 91kb)

Prostate-Cancer Test not Worth Risk (Bloomberg Article PDF 42kb)

Cervical Cancer Vaccination (PDF 90kb)

18 Deaths from cervical cancer vaccine (PDF 115kb)

Insert of Swine FLU Vaccine (PDF 188kb)

Message to Residents Gold Coast City Council - March 2010 (PDF 94kb)

50 reasons for no fluoridation (PDF 74kb)

No fluoride - No sewage (PDF 1.4mb)

Think before you agree to drink (PDF 2.2mb)


Death by doctoring Part 1 (PDF 61kb)

Death by doctoring Part 2 (PDF 86kb)


Vaccine dangers and vested interests (PDF 261kb)

Dispelling Vaccination Myths (PDF 340kb)

What's in vaccinations (PDF 102kb)

Shaken Baby Syndrome or Adverse Vaccine Reaction? (PDF 139kb)

Microplasma (PDF 139kb)

Brain neuron degeneration via mercury (YouTube video 4:24)


Is the cause of Cancer a common fungus? (PDF 254kb)

The Hidden Dangers of Soy Allergens (PDF 152kb)

Information Control For Social Manipulation (PDF 299kb)

Our Deadly Diabetes Deception (PDF 131kb)

ADD & ADHD Epidemic of a Phantom Disease (PDF 188kb)

The Essentials of Enzyme Nutrition Therapy Part 1/3 (PDF 135kb)

The Essentials of Enzyme Nutrition Therapy Part 2/3 (PDF 123kb)

The Essentials of Enzyme Nutrition Therapy Part 3/3 (PDF 123kb)

Organ Transplants and Cellular Memories (PDF 139kb)